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Strong frames

The outstanding stability of our machines is ensured by its strong frame. We put emphasis on the quality and thickness of the iron section and the exceptional quality of the welding. This way, our machines cannot be damaged during transportation, will not move during operation. It will also withstand the arising forces around the closing unit for many million cycles.

Solid closing unit

To assure that our machines can maintain steady production, even of 50 million bottles per year, they must be equipped with a perfectly designed closing unit, made from a good quality metal, with precise measurements and thickness. The reliability of our closing units today is one of the best on the market.

Preform neck ovality check

To prevent imperfect preforms from getting into production, they are already inspected before the heating process begins. This way they can damage neither the blow molding machine nor the filling line.

Lubrication-free bushing

It does not only provide a guarantee for a long life cycle, but also reduces maintenance time and cost.

The machine will not become dirty, and will retain the necessary cleanliness.

Easy adjustment of preforms unscrambler

Production requires the use of different types of preforms. Universal distance adjusters help to set the correct size in a single movement. This is an ideal solution if you produce smaller quantities of different types.

Quick pin change

The magnetic pins may be changed instantly if we use a preform with a different neck type. This considerably speeds up the set-up, so smaller batches can still be produced cost effectively.

Flowing settings of cooling water

Providing optimum level of cooling for places with different needs for temperature regulation.

Quick mold change

Mold replacements are made easy by built-in rails, which help them slide into their place. The bottom part is kept in position by strong magnets. The calibration of the positions for pre-blowing and the blowing happen automatically after the molds replacement. To install a new product, press a single button and the machine will learn itself.


When passing through the heating procession, the preforms are placed next to each other as close as possible, providing the possibility for most efficient heat usage. The preforms are rotating continuously, to facilitate such temperature on all spots, which can be justified by the shape of the bottle. The heating consists of three blocks with 9-10 heating zones. The intensity of each heating zone can be adjusted by 0.1 % and it is regulated according to the temperature of the environment.

Cooling control

Activation of the heating of the blow molding machine, automatically activates the cooling as well.

Cooling water bypass

The cooling water flow stops automatically when the machine stops, preventing the unwanted condensation on the blowing molds, protecting the water chiller at the same time.

Preform neck protection

Due to the material-saving design of the modern preforms, necks and collars, their overheating must be avoided, to prevent the occurrence of significant deformation. The professional water-cooled shielding profile efficiently protects the neck from damages caused by excessive heat. A flow-control and temperature sensor are both used to prevent overheating of the machine.

Pressure regulation with proportional valves (optional)

The pre-blowing and blowing pressure can be set for each mold individually with 0.01 bar accuracy from the touch screen monitor. The pre-set values, with all the other technical parameters, can be saved as a recipe, resulting in easier switch between preforms or molds. With the touch screen, the lowest possible pressure can be set that will still be sufficient for production, this helps you keep the costs low.

Air recycling (optional)

An optional air recycling solution can further improve efficient energy use. The necessary low-pressure air is entirely recuperated from the high-pressure air used in production. The whole pneumatic system utilizes recuperated air.

Blower valve block

We use only state-of-the-art blocks designed for blow molding (max. 40 bar) from the world’s leading brands. The latest generation of sophisticated cylinder technology with optimized pneumatic cushioning ensures high precision and a long service life.

Air conveyor interface

If you would like a system that produces directly for filling, you will need an air conveyor starter, which may be ordered. The connection point for the air conveyor comes with every machine.

Recipe (configuration set-up) function

The values of previously produced containers can be saved and opened with a press of a button to ensure a quick set-up.

Motion Control

We use Omron Sysmac system to provide the greatest accuracy and speed during moving and stretching. Stable control is guaranteed by Omron drivers. Perfect synchronization between units is ensured by Ether-Cat communication.

Remote access (optional)

The controls are also equipped with a module that allows remote access. This service can be ordered. An internet access is required so that our engineers can control and communicate with the molding machine. If a webcam is installed, we can also follow what takes place on site.

Color touch screen display

All data can be visualized and controlled with the 12” color display that facilitates accurate and user-friendly experience and cuts maintenance time.

Maintenance services

We will start working on every reported failure without delay. Our maintenance team will first inspect the machine with remote access (if applicable). There is also a possibility to check the operation of the machine through the internet and to suggest possible solutions. Our team will arrive on time on the scheduled day. We always keep in stock items subject to wear and others.