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Stretch Blow Molding Machine Manufacturing

  • Continuous innovation driven by the needs of users
  • Customer oriented approach and improvements
  • Linear stretch blow molders with remarkably low wear and maintenance costs
  • 17 years of manufacturing experience, strict quality inspections, a skilled research and development team and a group of continuously trained mechanics
  • Bottle sizes from 0.2 to 12 liters
  • A great range of blowing machines with capacities up to 9600 bph
  • Processing all types of preforms
  • Hot fill PET containers (optional)
  • PLA compatibility (optional)
  • Preform orientation before blowing using neck guide (optional)
  • Manufacturing oval-shaped containers (optional)
TYPENumber of CAVITIESMax. VOLUME (l)Average OUTPUT (bph)Max. OUTPUT (bph)
PE-1 UNI1316001800
PE-15 UNI1611001300
PE-110 UNI11210001200
PAR-1 UNI12,510001200
PE-2 UNI22,534003600
PE-25 UNI2622002600
PE-210 UNI21220002600
PE-35 UNI3632003500
PE-310 UNI31230003300
PE-4 UNI42,564007200
PE-6 UNI62,590009600

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Strong frames

The outstanding stability of our machines is ensured by its strong frame. We put emphasis on the quality and thickness of the iron section and the exceptional quality of the welding. This way, our machines cannot be damaged during transportation, will not move during operation. It will also withstand the arising forces around the closing unit for many million cycles.

Solid closing unit

To assure that our machines can maintain steady production, even of 50 million bottles per year, they must be equipped with a perfectly designed closing unit, made from a good quality metal, with precise measurements and thickness. The reliability of our closing units today is one of the best on the market.

Preform neck ovality check

To prevent imperfect preforms from getting into production, they are already inspected before the heating process begins. This way they can damage neither the blow molding machine nor the filling line.